Regina T. Boyce

Regina in the news


Read Regina's editorial in the Baltimore Sun about adult education.

"Investment in adult education causes a ripple effect for adult learners, their children and their communities: increased employment, achievement of life skills and community economic development. Yes, free tuition is a great start, but “free” can’t buy quality adult education or college and career readiness for our young adults — only increased state and federal funding can."

Regina supports her nine-year-old neighbor, victim of a shooting.

"Nobody expects children to be shot in broad daylight," said Boyce, who lives nearby and hosted a community meeting at her house, about two weeks after Jermell was shot, to talk about how to support the family and how to stop crime in the community. Boyce said she has been texting Thomas weekly to tell her that "whatever she needs, let me know."

Regina joins with her neighbors to fight a problem liquor store.

Former Waverly Improvement Association president Regina Boyce said that in the years since Kim took over the business, relations with him deteriorated and the establishment became less safe.
At first, Boyce said, she used to be able to walk into the business to drop off fliers or talk to Kim.
“Now, in 2015, I have to be buzzed in.”

Regina supports a safe space for our young people.

“Today it seems as though our youth are to blame or being blamed for the ills of the world,” said Regina T. Boyce, community outreach liaison for Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young. “I am pleased to see a place and a space that is all their own, a place to call home, a place to create and a place to be nothing more than themselves.”

Regina wins Volunteer of the Year

A tireless Waverly booster, Boyce has participated in a number of projects that have promoted that sense of place and neighborhood identity, including Real City, Dream City with Art on Purpose and Maps on Purpose. Using art and mapmaking as means of representing Waverly “showed that Waverly is a lot stronger than people looking from the outside might think,” she says.

Regina wins the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award.

. . . eight Johns Hopkins employees will be honored for demonstrating through community service the spirit of volunteerism and citizenship that characterized King's life.